Everwelle Ltd. was founded in Estonia, Tallinn in December 1997. The key activity of the company is international trade of agricultural commodities: grains, oilseeds and feed compounds.


The history


Registration of the company, export to Ukraine of Estonian dairy products, frozen meat and poultry. The establishing of joint venture with Ukrainian partners and constructing of refrigerating warehoused. After the financial crisis in August 1998 this type of activity became unattractive and was closed.


Export of Estonian fishmeal to big Ukrainian consumers – animal feed producers. This activity permitted to create and expand the business contacts with agricultural suppliers and consumers in Estonia as well as in Ukraine.


By this year the main activity of the company included purchase and sale of the following agro products:

  • feeding stuffs: sunflower and rape meal/expeller, sugar-beet pulp pellets, linseed cake, corn feed concentrate;
  • grains: milling and feed wheat, feed barley, feed corn;
  • fertilizers (ammonium nitrate and NPK).

Trade of these products is still to be the score business of Everwelle Ltd.


Everwelle has started transit operations with the goods of CIS origin via Baltic Sea ports to European markets by shipping lots of 1200-1500 Mt.


Membership of Estonia in EU changed the import regime of agricultural products and, in its turn, it caused changes in the structure of internal market trade. The share of grains originated from CIS declined drastically. The increase in trade volumes was achieved due to by-products (meals, expellers and sugar beet pulp pellets).


Everwelle started to co-operate closely with suppliers from Kazakhstan and expanded the range of the commodities traded by high-pro wheat, durum wheat and linseed.


The trade in agricultural commodities is integral and sufficient part of the global trade. The increasing world demand for food opens new opportunities for trading companies. Everwelle acts as trading company in the markets of CIS, Baltic countries and Europe.